Atalntis Banquets and Events

Atalntis Banquets and Events

Concrete Vibratory & Finishing Equipment

Northrock Industries’ concrete vibrators, power screeds, ceiling grinders, and fish scalers are designed to optimize your projects

Northrock Industries creates the finest quality construction equipment on the market today, and each machine will give you years of use to come.

Northrock manufactures electric vibrators, concrete vibrators, fuel-efficient backpack gas vibrators, power screeds, ceiling grinders, Industrial grinders and fish scalers.  

With the aim of improving the work of concrete contractors, rental houses, developers & equipment dealers Northrock Industries develops user friendly and fuel-efficient machinery for all different types of jobs.

Featured Products

Electric and Gas Vibrators

Consolidation of concrete in forms is now made quicker and easier with Northrock vibrators. With a wide range of poker vibrator heads, flexible shafts and power sources, Northrock has the right combination for concrete contractors, rental houses and equipment dealers looking for a rapid return on investment.

Concrete/Industrial Grinders

These machinese are designed for long-term reliability combined with the operating efficiencies needed to get work done quickly and easily

Fish Scaling Equipment

Whether you need a strong and powerful head for the large and tough fish, or a fine and precise head for the smaller more delicate fish Northrock has it all.


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