Gas Concrete Vibrators

Gas Vibrators


Pro 5-G

• The Pro-5-G HP Gas Concrete Vibrator Power Unit is perfect for job sites when electricity is unavailable

• The Power Unit allows users to easily start and stop without turning off the engine due to centrifugal clutches

• Protective Steel Frame

• Optional Wheelbarrow Mount Available

Backpack Vibrator

Pro-50 4S
4 Cycle Vibrator

Features & Benefits
• Honda GXH-50 4 Stroke Engine uses regular gasoline, no need to mix oil and gas

• High efficiency synchronous belt drive transmission with cast aluminum housing that steps up engine speed to achieve optimal vibrations per minute

• Universal counter shaft accommodates all brands of vibrators, in-stock heads and shafts can be used

• Strong steel tubular frame with ergonomic molded back pad and shoulder straps

• Power vibrator heads from 3/4” to 2- 1/2”


NORTHROCK vibrator heads feature high performance eccentrics, supported by precision ball bearings, permanently sealed in a synthetic oil bath that never requires maintenance.

• Standard Heads are available in diameters from 3/4” to 2 1/2

Special Heads
In addition to our standard heads, we offer:

Short heads – used with decks, slabs and tilt-ups

Coated heads – protect epoxy coated rebar from nicks that could accelerate corrosion

Soft tipped heads that prevent marring of expensive forms

Hand Held Grinders

Features & Benefits 

Perfect for Grinding, Trimming, Sanding and Buffing

CSV Portable Vibrator

Features & Benefits

CSV 20 
2 Cycle Vibrator  22 cc  EFCO

The CSV 20 is the perfect highly portable vibrator for light-duty
and medium-duty concrete jobs.

Lightweight Easy to use
• All in one Ergonomic Handle Durable
• Soft tipped heads that prevent marring of expensive forms

• Sidewalks Footings
• Slabs
• Curbs