Concrete Grinders

Northrock offers a range of various grinders for concrete ceilings and other applications. These machines are designed for longterm reliability combined with the operating efficiencies needed to get work done quickly and easily. With a choice of power units and heavyduty frames, Northrock grinders withstand the rigors of these tough applications and give many years of superior service.

Hand Held Grinders


Perfect for Grinding, Trimming,
Sanding and Buffing

Power Units

Northrock ceiling grinders are available with either 1-1⁄2 hp electric or 4 hp gasoline-powered motors designed for remote applications or sites without electric power. These units run at 3500 RPM and are sized to handle even the most difficult grinding chores without stalling.

Heavy-Duty Construction

These grinders are built with strong yet lightweight aluminum frames for durability combined with ease of handling. The frames themselves minimize operator fatigue while resisting rust from damp concrete environments and exposure to the elements. The working end of the machine includes a self-aligning grinding head with a 5⁄8” –11 spindle thread that accepts a wide range of grinding wheels and brushes. The head automatically adjusts to the surface being finished. A spring-tensioned handle maintains surface pressure regardless of surface condition. For more information or a demonstration, contact your local Northrock dealer or Northrock directly at 1-800-989-8423.

Utility Grinders

Northrock’s line of hand-held grinders are perfect for finishing terrazzo or other concrete applications. They are ideal for grinding, trimming, sanding, polishing and buffing.

Choice of Power Units

These machines may be driven by a choice of either 115 volt or 220 volt AC power sources running at a choice of 3450 or 1725 rpm.

Choice of Frames

Northrock power units may be mounted on either skid frames for more stationary applications or on popular rolling tripods for jobs where mobility is required.

Choice of Shafts

Northrock’s field-proven, heavy-duty flexible shafts are available in lengths from 6 feet to 14 feet to suit the application.

Choice of Handpieces

Handpieces for Northrock grinders are available in three configurations – straight and 1:1 or 4:1 right angle heads. A 5⁄8”–11 spindle thread is standard; a 3⁄4” spindle with clamp is available as an option. Right angle heads are available with a water system at the spindle for applications where cooling is desirable. For an off-the-shelf Northrock grinder custom-configured to suit your needs, contact your local Northrock dealer or Northrock directly at 1-800-989-8423.